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If you are here it is because you are one of us, you are not the only one who is passionate about sneakers, the Nike brand and the color gold, we think it is the perfect combination, that is why we have created this selection of the best GOLD NIKE SNEAKERS, here you will surely find the perfect sneakers that you were looking for:

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We know, buying Gold sneakers is not only complicated by its exclusivity, but this sneaker color has a particularity that very few others have and that is why we can buy the most exclusive and expensive gold Nike sneakers in the world and then match them with an outfit that It can look even ridiculous or we can select an outfit with your gold nike sneakers that will make you look like a celebrity, believe us, these two options can happen easily, that's why, accompanied by this sneaker collection, we created for you a selection of the 5 best outfits with gold sneakers of this 2022, either to inspire you or to motivate you to buy your gold Nike sneakers that you want so much:

1. Combine Gold Sneakers With Black Sweatshirt

An excellent idea to combine your Nike Gold sneakers is with a loose black sweatshirt, preferably with gold details, in this outfit we will try not to saturate the colors so that both the sneakers and the gold details of the sweatshirt contrast with each other, you will surely look incredible with gold nike air max 97. image by sneakerfits

2. Outfit With Gold Sneakers and Jeans

Wearing jeans almost always gets us out of any trouble and this is no exception, we can wear our gold sneakers with jeans that do not cover the shoes too much, remember that in this type of outfit the shoes will always be the star, so in the upper part you can use a neutral colored shirt, such as white or black.!

3. Outfit With "Golden" Tennis Shoes and Shorts

Here we can see another excellent outfit that, unlike the first option, comes into play a third color, white, if we pay attention we can realize that the golden details will always be the ones that stand out, while the other neutral colors act as a canvas , that's why we highly recommend not going out of those 3 colors if you plan to use this idea as a combination.

4. Outfit With Gold Sneakers and Chinos

If your gold sneakers are made of fabric and do not have a metallic reflection, you can make more daring combinations, like this outfit of gold fabric shoes with chinos and a denim sweatshirt, remember this color palette, no garment is too daring, just the color shoes.

5. Outfit Nike Gold Tennis With Camouflage Pants

The gold Nike Air Max 97 give us a world of possibilities, combine these gold sneakers with camouflage pants. For this outfit you are going to need some common sense, since there are many shades of these pants that surely do not look good and others that make it perfect, check the perfect shade well, we leave you an example guide image.



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It's that simple you avoid driving, leaving home and visiting a thousand Nike stores to realize that gold sneakers are scarce.

Also in this collection you can find Gold Nike Sneakers for both Men and Women, and if you're lucky you'll even catch some gold Jordans.

What are you waiting for to take your Golden Nike Sneakers home? HurrWe wish you a GOLDEN purchase!y because the best models are the first to sell out. So the sooner you buy your Nike, the sooner you make sure you get what you really want for the first time.