IGNITE Puma Technology What is it and what are its benefits?


Do you already know the Ignite Puma technology?

They spent 9 years in the laboratories to be able to create the Ignite Puma technology, Designed to create a more flexible and lighter midsole than the EVA Sole that is generally used in high performance tennis, as well as to balance style and functionality. In addition to this, this particular technology is used in tennis models that seek to favor the appearance and well-being of athletes, since these can be fully customizable. Another benefit of sneakers that use the ignite midsole is that they promise to have high standards in durability , even if these shoes are used daily, since a ForeverFoam material is placed under the ignite midsole, an ultra-durable compound that extends life. tennis tool.

Athletes from all over the world have popularized the use of this technology for running, such is the case of Usain Bolt who gave these sneakers great publicity by using them in his most important races.

Next, we will explain a little more about Ignite technology, since it is important that you know what material they have been made with. In addition to this, you will also know the benefits that this technology will give you when using it daily.

It should be noted that these sneakers, in addition to being used to exercise, can also be included in the casual attire of anyone with the atlheisure trend. These easily adapt to your wardrobe, since their designs are easy to combine.


What is Ignite technology?

In itself, the ignite technology is a new polyurethane midsole that provides effective cushioning, maximizes energy return and is stable in both hot and cold conditions.

It is considered innovative and has become more attractive for the sports market since this material offers you quality and performance, as well as being easy to adjust to the tennis body.

Another element that draws the attention of this technology is that it is usually accompanied by a high-quality textile body. Constructed using Ignite technology, the shoe features a perforated mesh network with newly engineered overlays that lock down from the midfoot and combined with the heel, ensures stability is maintained to maximize runner performance. .

Benefits of Ignite Puma technology

Wearing tennis shoes made with this technology will not only favor your appearance, it will also ensure greater well-being. Physically they will benefit you when you use them and the main reason is that the Ignite technology seeks to make you feel comfortable when practicing a sport such as running.

In general, shoes made of this material have an outer sole that will function as a platform. It is perfect so that when you perform each step, you feel safe to do so.

Performing any movement will be easy since the body of the tennis shoes allows total flexibility. Another advantage of the models that have Ignite technology is that they have a very soft material insole. This particular Puma model fits securely.


Will you be able to look and feel good with the Ignite Puma technology?

The answer is yes, thanks to all the benefits of this technology, you will be able to look great in your sneakers, as well as feel unparalleled comfort. This technology virtually ensures that any athlete will be able to increase their running quality. For this reason, professional athletes recommend using the Ignite Puma sneakers.


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