ADIDAS Cloudfoam What is it and what are its benefits?
ADIDAS Cloudfoam What is it and what are its benefits? - SPORTLAND MX

ADIDAS Cloudfoam What is it and what are its benefits?


Adidas Cloudfoam

Those who rarely buy the Adidas brand and even those who buy it regularly, can feel somewhat overwhelmed by the dozens of qualities and benefits that are printed on the shoes we buy...because, let's be honest, has anyone in the know detailed the specifications? of each shoe before buying it?

Well, in this article we will explain in detail one of the most frequent technologies in Adidas footwear: CloudFoam insole technology.

And before we talk about its specifications, we will tell you that it is a template that makes you feel like walking on clouds, but then...

What is Adidas CloudFoam?

Adidas CloudFoam technology is presented as a template composed of a material created from EVA ( Dethylene Vinyl Acetate) material.

Newly developed CloudFoam molds to the shape of your feet to eliminate the chances of an unnatural foot position . The soft and flexible surface is a dream to walk on and makes the daily routine much more bearable even after hours of walking or running.


What are the benefits of Adidas CloudFoam insoles?

Specifically, CloudFoam technology was designed to optimize and maximize walking comfort .

One of the reasons why Adidas Cloudfoam is so effective in providing optimal comfort is that the revolutionary insert in the midsole makes the sole more responsive. Therefore, with each step taken, a substantial bounce can really be felt, greatly reducing your requirements for the next step.

For this reason, the Cloudfoam series can truly be trusted to maximize your energy and prevent pain or discomfort radiating through your calves.

Finally, it is worth mentioning how Cloudfoam technology manages the indoor climate. This material allows air to circulate, and no matter how long you wear it, it can be very effective in keeping you comfortable and cool. This also prevents excessive sweat production, thus maintaining the integrity of the material for many years of use.

So now you know, the next time you go to buy a shoe and you see "Cloudfoam" printed on its insoles, don't doubt that it will be tennis with which you can go dancing, walk around your favorite cities and do all kinds of activities. with a comfort that only this brand can offer you.