How to Know If My Converse Shoes Are Authentic? Discover It in 7 Steps.

Without a doubt, Converse sneakers have become one of the most famous and best-selling shoes since their design in 1923 to the present day. Unfortunately, when a shoe becomes successful, piracy is not far behind. Trust us, there are thousands of counterfeit Converse sneakers in the market. So, how can you tell if your Converse shoes are authentic? Don't worry, you've come to the right place. We'll tell you how to recognize an authentic Converse shoe from a counterfeit one. Keep reading:

While the manufacturers of counterfeit Converse sneakers are getting more experienced in creating these shoes to the point of calling them "clones," there will always be details that are very difficult to replicate. The Converse brand has years of experience in manufacturing authentic Converse shoes that stand out in terms of quality and unique details. So, if you want to know if your Converse shoes are authentic, check these details:


1. Check the Label

Whether your Converse shoes are low-top or high-top, the tongue should have a small patch inside.

This patch contains information about the shoe's manufacturing location, model number, shoe size, shoe material, QR code, and shoe serial number.

Also, pay attention to the zigzag stitch around the edge of the tongue. If it is poorly done or twisted, your Converse shoes may not be authentic.

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2. Check the Toe Caps

The original Converse sneakers should have solid rubber toe caps. They should also be placed straight and parallel to the laces underneath them.

Pirate All Star shoes may have a wider toe cap than the original Converse. On the other hand, monochromatic Chuck Taylors have the same color on the upper part as the panel.


3. Check the Sole

The logo on the original Converse sole should be fully legible, clear, and well-printed. The printing of this logo on the sole often exposes many fake sneakers as they tend to be blurry, incomplete, or noticeably of poor quality. The brand usually detects and removes such errors quickly from the market.

You should also check that there is a six-pointed asterisk printed beside the logo. If it doesn't have one, you might be looking at fake Converse sneakers.


4. Check the Insoles

The insoles of original Converse sneakers are the same color as the canvas. However, the color may not be exactly the same, but if the canvas is white, the insole should be white as well. The same applies to black canvas sneakers.


5. Check the Back

In most sneakers, the back is a great place to look for clues if they are original or not, and Converse is no exception. Flip the shoe over and expect to see a printed logo with the words "Converse" and "All Star," along with a complete 5-pointed star.

New shoes should not have an "R" enclosed in a circle below the asterisk. If your Converse has it, it was likely manufactured before 2008 and is original. However, it's also possible that it may not be original if it's being sold as new.


6. Check the Logo Patch

The high-cut Converse sneakers have a round logo patch on the ankle from the inside of the shoe. If you find a simple printed logo, it's probably not an original sneaker, as this patch was designed to protect the ankle of the user.

The logo patch is made of rubber, it's round, and it has "CONVERSE ALL STAR" printed in red uppercase letters and the signature "Chuck Taylor" in navy letters with a 5-pointed star in the middle.


7. Check the Eyelets

The eyelets for the shoelaces should be protected with a matte metal. If you find shiny polished metals, they are probably not original Converse sneakers. Another detail in this area is that the eyelets are perfectly aligned on the top and do not come off easily.

How to Tell If My Converse Sneakers Are Genuine: We are confident that now you have the answer since these details can indicate whether a Converse sneaker is genuine or fake. Remember to also buy from secure places and request a receipt if necessary. You can also make your secure purchase using the button on this page.


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