What is a vulcanized sole and what are its benefits?

Surely you have seen on the box of your favorite skate shoes that the type of sole is "vulcanized sole" but... what makes them special? Keep reading, we'll explain everything here:

vulcanized sole


What is a vulcanized sole?

In short, a vulcanized sole is a type of rubber sole that is characterized by its durability and resistance. This manufacturing technique was created in the 19th century and became popular in tire manufacturing. Over time, it began to be used in footwear manufacturing, especially in sneakers.

To create a vulcanized sole, rubber is mixed with other materials and heated to high temperatures. This chemical reaction produces a strong and durable sole.

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What is the vulcanized sole used for?

The vulcanized sole is popular in sports footwear, especially in sneakers and skate shoes. This technique has become very popular because it offers great resistance and durability, making it an ideal choice for those looking for durable shoes.

In addition, the vulcanized sole also offers good traction and grip, making it an ideal choice for sports that require quick and precise movements, such as skateboarding or basketball.

vulcanized sole.

Benefits of the vulcanized sole:

The vulcanized sole has several benefits compared to other types of soles, such as the cupsole. Below are some of them:

  • Durability: The vulcanized sole is very resistant and durable, making it an excellent choice for sports and outdoor activities.
  • Good traction and grip: The vulcanized sole provides excellent traction and grip on smooth and slippery surfaces, making it a good choice for sports such as skateboarding or basketball.
  • Flexibility: Despite its resistance, the vulcanized sole is still flexible enough to allow for natural foot movement.
  • Style: The vulcanized sole has become very popular in urban fashion, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a modern and urban style.

Cons of the vulcanized sole:

Even though this sole has many advantages, there is a reason why only a small number of brands still use this type of construction today.

  • Comfort: Perhaps the most important is comfort, because although we cannot say that they are uncomfortable, most shoes made in this way will be completely flat. They do not offer support for the arch of the foot, and without cushioning apart from a thin insole, they do not have impact protection. The same characteristics that allow for a good feeling on a skateboard also allow you to feel the ground with every step.
  • Durability: Although it may sound paradoxical, while the soles of these shoes are durable, especially considering how thick they are, the rest of the construction generally cannot be said to be durable. In fact, these shoes will usually break where the foxing tape meets the upper part before the sole wears out.

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How are shoes with vulcanized soles made?

Shoes with vulcanized soles are made using a multi-step process.

First, the rubber is cut into a certain shape to fit the shoe sole. Then, the rubber is cleaned and dried. After that, a layer of glue is applied to the shoe sole and the rubber is placed on top. It is then exposed to high temperatures and pressure, which activates the vulcanization process and permanently adheres the rubber to the shoe sole.

Once the vulcanization process is complete, the rubber edges are cut to give a clean finish, and the final details are added to the shoe.

In conclusion, the vulcanized sole stands out from others for being resistant, durable, and with good grip. In addition, most shoes with this type of sole have a modern and urban style, making it a popular choice in current fashion.

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