Stretching Sneakers
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Stretching Sneakers

How to Stretch Shoes?

Resolve the issue of tight-fitting shoes

If you've landed here, you probably bought shoes that feel snug or have some at home that you want to wear but they're not exactly your size. We want to tell you that this is quite common, and in this article, we'll show you how to stretch shoes. However, don't expect to stretch a pair of 26cm shoes to 29cm, but gaining half a size will certainly help:


For practical purposes, we'll show you the 3 most effective ways to stretch your shoes:


1. Stretching Shoes with Ice Bags

This practice is one of the most effective ones. We've recommended it to our clients, and they've been delighted as you only need things you already have at home. Just follow the instructions to have stretched shoes:

- Remove the insoles from your shoes

- Loosen the laces

- Place plastic bags deeply into the shoes

- Fill the bags with water, about 3-4 inches, and seal them tightly

- Place them in the freezer for 24 hours

- Let the ice melt in the shade

There you go, you'll have roomier shoes to wear during your day.


2. Stretching Shoes with a Hair Dryer

Another way to stretch shoes at home is by heating them, and for that, we only need a hair dryer and socks.

We should wear several layers of preferably thick socks and put our feet in the shoes we want to stretch.


Set your hair dryer to medium heat and aim it at different angles of your shoes. Remember to keep moving the angle from where you're pointing and maintain a distance that won't burn the shoes.


Heat the shoes for 5 minutes while wiggling your toes and flexing them.

This combination of sock thickness, constant foot movement, and heat will make your shoes expand.


3. Stretch Your Shoes with a Shoe Stretcher

Yes, this is perhaps the most obvious, functional, and less "crafty" option, and while it will require some extra expense, you can have it at home to use whenever you need it. You just have to insert the metal handle in a clockwise direction to widen the shoes; turn the wheel knob clockwise to lengthen the shoes; insert the shoe stretcher kit into the shoes for 24-48 hours. The longer you stretch, the better the effect will be.

Buy Shoe Stretcher

At Sportland, we will always recommend you to buy your ideal size, but we know that sometimes we can't avoid buying those slightly tight-fitting shoes. Use these techniques to stretch your shoes; you'll find great relief from no longer feeling your shoes tight. Who knows, you might even start wearing some shoes you had set aside at home.

How to Stretch My Shoes?