Original Converse label: Detailed Review

If you are one of the many lovers of Converse Chuck Taylor's shoe design, then you know that authenticity is key when making a purchase. But how do you know if your Converse are original?One of the main clues to finding out is through the label.

etiqueta de converse originales

The label is a small but powerful indicator of the authenticity of your shoes since many details tend to be overlooked by counterfeit factories. That's why in this article, we will analyze every detail and show you all the elements that the label of your original Converse Chuck Taylor should have, including the QR code, which, by the way, have you scanned it yet?
Does it direct you to a "VMDMX" page? If you want to make sure your shoes are authentic, keep reading. You'll be surprised at what you can learn!


converse originales

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What does the label of original Converse look like?

To make a detailed review of the label, we must look at each of its details.

1. Sewing:

costura de etiqueta de converse
Let's remember that Converse has been literally manufacturing and improving this silhouette for decades. The stitching of the tongue where the label of an original Converse is located has a zigzag stitch.
As we can see in the image, the original stitching forms an aesthetic zigzag, while in fake Converse shoes, there are often details that do not match the quality that the brand offers.
Now that we've seen the overall appearance of the label, let's examine each element.

2. Elements of original Converse label:

elementos de etiqueta converse original

2.1 SKU code

In the case of an original or authentic product, the SKU numbers on the left and right should be identical and match those found on the product box. On the other hand, the serial numbers on the left and right should be different, although the difference between them should not be too great, that is, it should be at least 1 to 500 units.
It is important to note that each shoe has unique serial numbers, and these must also match those that appear on the label or product box to ensure authenticity. If there are discrepancies between these numbers, the authenticity of the product may be compromised and should be carefully evaluated before purchase.


Regarding the technical details of the shoes, it is important to highlight that the purchase order date indicates the moment the shoes were made. In this case, PO DATE number 1101 indicates that the sneakers were made in January 2011.

3 Shoe materials


It is crucial that the material described on the label of the sneakers matches the material symbol printed on the sole. This way, it can be verified that the materials used in the manufacture of the footwear are authentic and of high quality.

2.3 Country of Origin for Original Converse:

Regarding the manufacturer/production code of the model, it is located in the bottom left corner of the seal or label. In some older models, this code appears at the top of the label. It is important to note that the country of origin and the production code must match to ensure the authenticity of the product.

In this case, the code representing the place of manufacture of Converse is composed of a number representing the country and a letter representing the factory:

Converse produced in Indonesia start with the number 6 and can be created in their factory:

X: Tangerang

K: Bogor

C: Purwakarta

Therefore, any combination with the number 6 and X, K or C is a correct key.

Converse manufactured in Vietnam are represented by the number 9 and can be created in their factories A, C, D, H, K, and Z. Therefore, the combination: 9A, 9C, 9D, 9H, 9K or 9Z are correct

Converse factories in China start with the number 7 and their factories are represented by B, K, L, D, and Z. So if your shoes are made in China, you should expect one of the following codes: 7B, 7K, 7L, 7D, and 7Z.

There are also Converse shoes made in India, whose code starts with the number 2, such as 2C.

Therefore, the combination is precisely what can fool some counterfeit manufacturers, as there cannot be a legitimate code like 6z, since 6 refers to a factory in Indonesia, while factory Z is located in China.

It is important to mention that if your code differs from the ones we mentioned before, investigate if that Converse factory exists, as it is logical to think that the company can change its logistics according to its needs.

2.4 QR Code:

Like most footwear, it now comes with a QR code, which should be readable by your phone's QR scanner. Where should it take you? Well, this has been a controversial topic, so stay tuned until the end for a complete review.

3. Now that we have almost all the elements located, we can do an inspection together:

Original Converse label analysis
We will take the image of the label of these white Converse Chuck Taylor and identify each element:

Product : UPPER Colour  Size
US : MENS 7.5 / WOMENS 9.5
UK : 7.5
EUR : 41
CM : 26


Manufacturing code:

7Z (which as we mentioned, is a factory located in China)

  • PO DATE (1401):

January 2014

  • Footwear materials:

Gender: UNISEX

Upper: Textile


Outsole: Rubber


We must compare the other pair, remember that the difference should not be too large, it should be between 1 to 500 units approximately.


China (again, the code is 7Z)


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