What is Puma NETFIT and what is it for?
What is Puma NETFIT and what is it for? - SPORTLAND MX

What is Puma NETFIT and what is it for?

Puma continues to innovate and now it does so with NETFIT technology, but what is it?

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In a few words, Puma NETFIT is a technology that consists of a patented design where you can change the area where you insert the laces of your sneakers and/or shoes in innumerable ways. Why? well, according to the innovation department of the Puma brand, it has been shown that each athlete requires different needs and puma NETFIT tries to satisfy each one of them by changing the necessary adjustment with the strength of its laces.

Sites like Hyperbeast have responded to Puma NETFIT as a unique customizable lacing system that offers a myriad of performance and style options in one shoe.

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The system improves fit and support by combining a high-grade engineered web with base materials that conform to the shape of each foot. With the entangled mesh, users will now have complete control and versatility over how they tie. No matter the style, needs or shape, you can customize your shoe however you see fit.

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What are the benefits of Puma NETFIT?

NETFIT will be applied to a wide variety of sneakers and/or shoes in PUMA's footwear range with five different fit options with various benefits:

NETFIT provides 5 main benefits, an improvement in stability when walking, a better fit for those with wide feet, as well as the option of a perfect fit for thinner feet. Is that not enough? well, puma NETFIT also gives you the option to adjust your laces to get more support in the heel, very useful for those people with special foot needs.

At sportland we have received very good comments from our customers about sneakers with this technology, why don't you take a look at our Puma offers?