Tennis Adidas SuperStar I Everything You Need To Know
Tennis Adidas SuperStar I Everything You Need To Know - SPORTLAND MX

Tennis Adidas SuperStar I Everything You Need To Know

Adidas Shell: Complete Guide


Adidas Superstar Collection:

1. Opinions about Adidas Superstar Tennis :

The Adidas superstar sneakers have been one of the classic models that are here to stay, and these "shell" sneakers have revolutionized the tennis industry, since the so-called "camel toes" were manufactured for the first time in 1969 specifically inspired by basketball... we really don't know if its creators would have even imagined that we would continue talking about this model in 2021, it's amazing.

Many professional NBA players immediately caught their attention, since the shoes offered protection in the "shell" for their toes, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ... and so on shoes that most used of basketball players, it went to the streets of the whole country and the whole world, being one of ADIDAS' best-selling tennis shoes.

In fact, this phenomenon was so big that Adidas made the first collaboration in history between a sneaker brand and a hip hop music band called Run-DMC... and so over time more artists came together to use Adidas Superstar tennis shoes making them an urban fashion standard.

Therefore, in this article we will accompany you on the adventure of buying and/or keeping your ADIDAS shell tennis shoes and we will help you with some tips that range from where to buy them, how to tie them, how to wash them and of course how to compare an original tennis shoe with a fake one.

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  • Critics and fans alike at the brand love that the Adidas shell is an iconic and classic shoe that will never go out of style.
  • According to the reviews of a considerable number of users, the Adidas SuperStar are very durable.
  • The price-quality of these tennis shoes is an undoubted characteristic of these tennis shoes.
  • The space of these sneakers in the "shell" is very wide, so they can be used by people with wide feet and freedom of movement in the fingers.

adidas shell

2. Characteristics of Adidas "Shell" Tennis

Undoubtedly, the special feature that made these tennis shoes reach the top of fame is the iconic design of the "shell" shaped rubber toecap, for this reason, in many countries they are known as "adidas shell", "adidas punta of shell" etc. Another special feature is the nice print detail of the text "Superstar" in gold near the striped logo on the sides.

The Adidas Superstar shell tennis shoes are available for men and women, there are even endless variations for all tastes, the tennis shoes provide great freedom of movement in the ankle due to their low-cut design, their traditional lacing system fits you very well to its tongue and its general structure that provides enough support and support to these basketball-inspired shoes.

3. How to clean ADIDAS Superstar sneakers

We know that in this type of shoe there is a style in which a little wear and tear can give it a unique touch, but without a doubt, totally clean white superstar sneakers never go unnoticed... that's why we are going to give you a few little secrets to clean them properly.

Step 1: Remove the shoe laces.

how to clean my adidas superstar sneakers

We are going to leave those laces shiny, so we are going to put them to soak in a container and we are going to pour 4 parts of hot water for one part of bleach with candeggina (a kind of chlorine) to clean all the dirt from the laces...

Important to always wear gloves while using the bleach!

Step 2. Clean Superstar Shoes With A Sponge


While we leave the laces resting in our solution, we are going to start cleaning our Adidas, for that we are going to need a sponge, regular liquid soap, and we are going to carve with some pressure on all the surface of the shoe, reaching each corner and making an effort in cleaning those hard-to-reach spots trying not to get water inside our shell tennis shoes.

step 3. Rinse Laces

how to wash my adidas super star tennis

After having cleaned the shell sneakers with the sponge, it's time to take the shoelaces out of the container where they were soaking and start carving to remove all kinds of dirt... and finally let them dry.

Step 4. Cleaning Superstar Tennis By With Brush

brush my adidas superstar sneakers

For this next step, we will need a brush, a sponge, bleach with cardeggina.

With the excess water from the laces or with a new one... remember 4 parts of water to one of bleach, we will begin to carve with a brush (it can be a toothbrush that you no longer use) with a lot of pressure on the part of the sole and shell, and we will be gentler with the cleaning of the other external parts so as not to damage it... for that we will use the sponge, in the same way we will be careful, since we can take the paint in a sudden movement.

It is important to mention that we will not carve the tennis fabric parts in this step, since it is very delicate with this solution and can be damaged!

Step 5. Dry the Adidas "Camel toe" Shoes

dry tennis

As the last step to leave your white sneakers looking like new, we are going to need a dry cloth, nail polish remover (without acetone) and cotton pads.

We will start by drying the tennis shoes with a dry cloth, passing it over all the surfaces, then, with the acetone and cotton, we will rub the entire outer part of the tennis shoes, from the shell to the sole... it is important that we do it gently on the upper part so as not to damage the paint.

Let's try to avoid rubbing the logo on the tongue as it can be damaged!

It is important that in this step we let both the shoelaces and the sneakers dry well in a ventilated place but that the sun's rays do not hit them directly, since they can turn yellow... and believe me you do not want to do all this procedure to finish with some yellow ADIDAS superstar sneakers.

Following these steps we assure you that you will have clean tennis shoes that you can look like new with your best outfit... there is another secret to make it even better, but we will leave it for a later section.

2. How do I tie the laces of my ADIDAS Superstar sneakers?

how to tie the laces of my superstar sneakers

Well, to get into this topic we must take it for granted that there are many ways to tie your tennis shoelaces, however here we will show you how to tie your shell tennis shoes with a lot of style:

1 . The first thing we have to do, preferably after having washed your shell tennis shoes, is to start clear with a single tennis shoe, and we are going to start taking the lace from the two ends of it, once this is done, we are going to introduce the ends of the laces in the first holes of the shoe starting from the outside to the inside, make sure not to leave one side longer than the other.

2. Now, we are going to take the end of the lace that is now on the inside right part of the shoe and we are going to insert it into the second hole of the shoe on the left side, doing this from the outside to the inside.

3. We are going to repeat this pattern doing the same with the end of the lace on the inside left part. .. and we are going to repeat this same sequence with all the holes of the tennis shoe until we reach the penultimate hole, since we will leave this one free, this will give a relaxed style to the superstar tennis shoes that go so much with the urban.

4. Finally, we are going to make an epic knot

Take both ends of the laces and intertwine them, then pull them tight. There should be a knot in the middle of your sneakers.

Try to form a bunny ear with one of the shoelaces. You must hold the cord between your thumb and index fingers, the part that is already closed should be small, and the rest long.

Close the other lace, also forming a bunny ear, then take the lace between your thumb and index fingers. Make sure that there is also the shortest closed part and the longest "tail".
Finally, form a normal knot with the ends of the shoelaces in the shape of rabbit ears and place one closed end over the other. Then, pass it behind and insert it through the hole created.
And so in the end we will only pull the ends hard to make our perfect knot for some ADIDAS Superstar.

3. How Do I Know If My Adidas Superstar Shoes Are Original?

If you have doubts that your shell sneakers are original or you plan to make a purchase without being a victim of piracy, you are in the right article, therefore, try to have this information on hand to verify your sneakers, we will go step by step. .

but we can start by looking at the product label where the size is located, as well as on the back of the shoe, where most pirate superstars have their characters very blurred, while the original shoes are printed with high quality, However, there are replicas that are quite convincing, therefore we recommend:

Step 1: Compare the label on the shoe to the original label

adidas superstar original vs fake

image rescued in : Legit check app

As we can see in the image, it is obvious that the thickness and the typography with which they print the label of the original shell tennis shoes is always the same, therefore, any difference to this, whether it is a thinner letter or with another order, He is not clearly talking about fake tennis, compare, take the test!

Now we can analyze point by point.

* We can see how in hand 1 that points to the text "Made in Indonesia* the thickness of the writing is much thinner while in the original it is written in a thicker and more defined way

*In the same way, the hand pointing to the size section according to the country has the same luck, the original has a thick and defined text.

*In hand 3, we can see how the label refers to the text "MALE/MALÉ" however this text may not be in all the original superstar sneakers, so if you can't find this text, don't worry, that doesn't mean that you have fallen into the clutches of piracy.

* Do a tennis check on the text "SUPERSTAR" usually a reply is far from identical, either by font or spacing.

How do I know if my superstar sneakers are original?

The text "SUPERSTAR" must come as it is in the photo... you can make the comparison yourself.

A very effective way to compare an original shell tennis with a fake is, without a doubt, to check the logo on its tongue,

How do I know if my adidas superstar sneakers are original?

As can be seen in the comparison images, the original logo on the tongue does not come with the trademark "R" symbol, apart from the fact that you can easily see a small indentation on the edge of the letters where the text is stamped. "le marque aux 3 bandes" refers to the French text "the mark of the three stripes"

. Examine the sole stitching

How do I know if my adidas superstar sneakers are original?

How do I know if my adidas superstar sneakers are original?

image rescued in : Legit check app

As we can see in the images of the sole of the iconic shell sneakers, we can see that the seams of their sneakers have thicker and shorter stitches than the seams of the fakes.

What is the price of ADIDAS Superstar sneakers?

Officially on the ADIDAS page, the price of the classic superstar sneakers is $1,999 Mexican pesos, around $100 US dollars , however you can fish for some offers online and you know that Sportland is excellent at it.

where do they sell Original Adidas Superstar Tennis ?

There are different commercial points where you can find these shell tennis shoes for sale, however it is not so easy to find them, since sometimes and depending on the country, the brand reserves these models for its exclusive stores of that line.

However SPORTLAND has done historical price research on the internet where we can recommend AMAZON as a reliable supplier that even generally offers the product at a price lower than its suggested price, in addition to a total guarantee of customer satisfaction.

So if you want to make your purchase safely and affordably, just press 👉🏻" HERE 👈🏻 and you will be able to see the best purchase options in available colors and sizes that you like the most.

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