Mejores Tenis Para Voleibol del 2023 [TOP 5]
Mejores Tenis Para Voleibol del 2023 [TOP 5] - SPORTLAND MX

Mejores Tenis Para Voleibol del 2023 [TOP 5]

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What are the best tennis shoes for playing volleyball?

volleyball shoes

Starting to practice a new sport like volleyball is never easy, even if you have been playing for a considerable amount of time, there are always things to improve. However, there's something we recommend from day 1, using the appropriate clothing for this sport, and a great way to start is by buying volleyball shoes.

Therefore, at Sportland, we have conducted an analysis of different models of volleyball shoes for men and women from various brands, and we present to you the best volleyball shoes for 2022.

The criteria we used to identify and evaluate each model of volleyball shoes in the most objective way are: Comfort, durability, traction on the sole, fit, stability, design, and of course, price.

Top 5 Best Volleyball Shoes:

1. Asics Gel Rocket Shoes

volleyball shoes

The Gel Rocket Shoes are designed to allow for more stable movement. Its flexible structure makes changing direction faster and more comfortable.
On the upper part, the model features layers of synthetic leather that protect and allow for secure movement. In terms of construction, it incorporates Trusstic System technology, which enhances stability and prevents the shoe from twisting. To reduce impact, this version includes gel capsules. A tennis sole provides ample support as it allows for lateral movement; its outer area is designed to facilitate grip and prevent slips on the playing field.

The GEL-ROCKET™ shoes are versatile, providing excellent cushioning for a variety of players on the court. The shoe has a flexible upper that helps the foot bend more naturally, aiding players in moving with greater freedom. Additionally, the footwear features synthetic leather overlays that enhance forefoot support and help athletes cut with confidence. The shoe is designed with TRUSSTIC™ technology in the midsole for increased stability during quick transitions. GEL® cushioning in the heel provides excellent comfort for better impact absorption. The wrap-around outsole and stabilizer are functional support components for side-to-side movements.

2. Adidas Ligra 7 Shoes


If you're looking for a versatile volleyball shoe, the Adidas Ligra 7 is one of the best choices for this season. The combination of mesh and support overlays provides the perfect balance between breathability and support for lateral movement and performance during the game. The Adiwear rubber outsole is designed for 360-degree traction and grip on a variety of indoor surfaces. Additionally, a durable synthetic leather toe cap increases overall durability in all seasons. Choose the Adidas Ligra 7 for the most versatile volleyball shoes of the season.

3. Mizuno Wave Horizon Shoes


One of the true strengths of Mizuno Wave shoes and the reason they are popular among volleyball players is their cushioning system. A technology called Parallel Wave is designed to disperse impact throughout the sole rather than focusing on a single area, making a real difference in keeping any impact to a minimum.

This is achieved by allowing very fast movements in all directions, and it is achieved in two ways:

One is through the non-marking grooves in the outsole that are designed in a way that enhances both agility and flexibility while maintaining a high level of stability, particularly in the forefoot area.

The other is how minimal tension is applied to your feet due to the excellent fit provided through a midsole that naturally adapts to your feet.

It's also worth noting that this volleyball shoe is very lightweight, which plays a significant role in limiting foot fatigue as much as possible, something that volleyball players will undoubtedly benefit from.

4. Adidas Crazyflight


If you're looking for volleyball shoes that look stylish and comfortable, look no further because the Adidas Crazyflight shoes are the perfect choice. The Adidas Boost midsole technology cushions every step, whether you're training or going for a winning play. The flexible mesh upper allows your foot to breathe while providing the necessary flexible stability for quick movements and transitions. Crazyflight volleyball shoes feature a midsole and upper that maintain a lightweight feel, making them one of the best Adidas volleyball shoes.

5. ASICS Gel Upcourt Shoes

asics volleyball

The ASICS Gel Upcourt is the most affordable shoe in the Asics shoe range. Due to its price and fairly attractive design, they are very popular among volleyball players. While they may not be the most cushioned or the most durable, they are good and definitely playable. If you're not demanding and just want a pair of inexpensive shoes, give these a try.

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