How to know if my sneakers are real? Find out in 5 steps

How do I know if my sneakers are original or fake?

How do I know if my sneakers are original or replica?

Unfortunately this question comes to the minds of many buyers before and even after making a purchase of "original" sneakers from internationally recognized brands.

So brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok etc. They have become the focus of the piracy problem, since there is currently a very large market for this type of sneakers, there is even a market for "clone" sneakers that presumes to be "identical" to the originals and can confuse a lot of buyers becoming very difficult to know if we are buying an authentic product or a fake one.

The first mistake of many people when trying to recognize original sneakers is to look at the label of the sport shoes expecting to find a "made in the USA" or "made in Germany"... however, this is most likely not the case , since the The vast majority of sneakers brands have migrated their production to Asian countries or even Latin America to reduce their costs. So let's make something very clear:

The country of origin of the sneakers will not tell you if your shoes are original or pirated!

The models of each brand vary both in their manufacturing materials and in their sewing and sometimes even in their box, therefore, not seeing the inside of the sneakers expecting to see some special feature such as "a particular seam" will ensure the authenticity of the shoe. footwear.

So at first glance it is very difficult to know if the shoes are original or not without more reference information and although there is no specific way that can ensure the purchase of your original sneakers, but then ... how do you know if my sneakers are they original? Well at SPORTLAND we make the following recommendations to avoid being a victim of piracy.

1.Request Invoice

One of the things that can give us a "signal" when making the purchase of your sneakers is to know if the seller can issue you an invoice about them or not, since this way you will have a clearer idea about whether they have been paid . the necessary tariffs to enter that product to your country legally, make sure that the invoice data matches the specific product of your purchase.

how to know if my sneakers are original

2. Check the labels

Another thing we can do to be successful in the purchase of our original sport shoes is to look for the identifier code of the product that we will generally find on the label that is stuck either on the tongue or on the sides of it.

As an example we are going to take the Puma Nrgy Neko tennis:

how to know if my tennis sneakers are original

As we can see in the image, the label of these Puma sneakers has the code 381819-01 printed on it, with this code we can make a small query from the google search engine where we will write exactly the digits printed there, in this way a list will appear. results, where we can find different images of tennis like this:

how to know if my sneakers are original?

In this way we can verify that the characteristics of the tennis that we are going to buy coincide with the images that the search engine gives us, where we can know authentic characteristics of the tennis, from the type of sole, the color and the design generally.

3. Examine your sneaker box

Most fake shoes do not come in their original box instead, they come in generic boxes and even without a box, so we must be sure that the box where the shoes come has exactly the same product code printed on it. It has the tag, as well as the same size.

how to know if my sneakers are original

4.Know the product warranty

Another thing that will help us to make that original sneakers purchase successfully is to make sure that the place where we make it offers some kind of guarantee after a certain time of purchase, since generally the companies that sell this type of original sneakers brands offer some type of customer satisfaction guarantee and you can make the exchange or return without any problem.

how do i know if my sneakers are original or fake?

Also with this we can have more time to verify the authenticity of the product and make the return if we are not convinced of the purchase.

5.Authenticity checker through apps

On the other hand, and perhaps the safest way, is the use of applications that have been put on the market, such as the check check platform that you can download from your smartphone, send a couple of photos and after waiting a few minutes to obtain a resolution on If the shoes you bought are original or not, the downside of this is that these applications are generally not free, so you will have to pay an extra amount apart from the cost of your shoes to know their authenticity.

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