How to know if my Jordan Retro 4 are authentic? Discover it in 5 steps.
How to know if my Jordan Retro 4 are authentic? Discover it in 5 steps. - SPORTLAND MX

How to know if my Jordan Retro 4 are authentic? Discover it in 5 steps.

How to Tell If My Nike Jordan Retro 4 Sneakers Are Authentic or Fake?





The Jordan brand from Nike is known as a giant in the world of athletic footwear.

The Nike Air Jordan 4 is one of the brand's most expensive and exclusive sneakers, and it didn't take long for counterfeit versions to hit the market. The counterfeit sneaker industry has done an excellent job, making it quite challenging for some people to determine if a Jordan 4 is fake, and for a good reason.



The best way to determine if your Jordan 4 is fake is to look at the label on the back of the tongue. Examine the font type and compare it with an authentic pair. Fake shoes tend to have a bolder font than genuine ones. Another detail to observe on the inner label is the global product code or generic product code. If you have a Jordan 4 shoebox, ensure that the symbols on the box and the shoe label match.

If you Google the code and pancake images show up, it's probably a fake product. However, counterfeit Nike Air Jordan 4s can be challenging to detect, and even authentic ones can have defects when shipped, so we've prepared our ultimate guide on how to spot fake Jordan 4 sneakers.

If you can't verify any of the following errors, your shoes are likely authentic Jordan sneakers:

Check the inner label of the Air Jordan 4 for typographical errors and codes. Evaluate the Air Jordan rectangle inside the tab to determine the
font size and positioning.
Verify the authenticity of the Jordan shoebox and carefully analyze the toe box of your shoes.

    1. Examine the tongue label of your Jordan 4 sneakers
    2. Closely inspect the Jordan 4 shoebox
    3. Check the toe box of the retro Jordan 4 sneakers
    4. Analyze the thickness of the sock liner
    5. Look at the stitching of the Jumpman label on the top of the tongue.


Jordan 4 sneakers


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Whether you have a pair of Oreo Jordan 4s, Bred IVs, or AJ 4 Taupe Haze, this guide will show you what to look for in your shoes.

1. Check the inner label of the Air Jordan 4 for irregular fonts, typographical errors, and code matches.

This is the most crucial indicator for identifying fake Jordan 4s. The inner tongue label reveals it all.


Original Jordan 4 Sneakers

by: @Legit Grails

Check the manufacturing date on the right side of the tag and "Made in China," both tend to be inconsistent with fake Jordan shoes. You must determine if these two terms are printed in a bolder font than the real pair. Another clue you can find on the inner label of the tongue is the UPC, which is the product code. If it doesn't match the exact model, you have a pair of fake Jordans.


UPC of Original Jordan 4 Sneakers

                                            by: @houseofkicks

Evaluate the rectangular Air Jordan on the inside of the tongue to know the size and position of the letter.
One of the best things to look out for when determining how to tell if Jordan 4s are real is to examine the Air Jordan inner label on your Jordan IVs.

The label is located on the back of the tongue with a thin rectangular shape.

The big giveaway here is the size and positioning of the "AIR JORDAN".

When figuring out how to differentiate fake Jordan 4s from real ones, it's clear that the fake font is smaller and takes up less space on the label than the real pair.

Jordan Label

                                             by: @legitcheckapp

2. Check the Authenticity of the Box of Jordan 4 Sneakers

Previously, we explained that the unique product key should be displayed on the outside of the box and should match the label on the inner tab. But the box may contain more information about the legality of the Air Jordan IVs than you think.

While the J-box varies among different collaborations, you'll generally find the Air Jumpman logo on the top of the box and a feature label on one side of the box.

Jordan Shoe Box

3. Analyze the Toe of Nike Retro 4s

The toe box of Jordan shoes has always caused many difficulties for counterfeit factories.

If you observe the toe section from the side, you can see that the shape of the shoe is actually diagonal upward.

Real vs. Fake Jordan Toe

Source: Legit Grails

where there is clearly an apparent discrepancy in the shape of the toes of the two pairs.

The fakes are too inflated and appear too rounded in comparison.

4. Analyze the Thickness of the "Sockliner" Line of the Sneakers

Now, direct your attention to the lining of your sockliner. The sockliner is the edge of the shoe that crosses over the ankle.

Two things can help you determine if your sneakers are real or fake; here, the weight/width of the sockliner and the seams are fixed to the vamp. Fake Jordan shoes often have a thin sockliner with less cushioning, making the shoe uncomfortable.

However, the original pair will have a softer sockliner.


Original Jordan 4 Sneakers

                                         by @legitcheck

You may also find an inconsistency in the way the sockliner is attached to the sneakers.

If the length of the sockliner extends longer towards the heel of the shoe than the laces, this could indicate that your creps are fake.

Ensure that the size of your sockliner is consistent around the entire ankle.

5. Check the Stitching of the Jumpman Tag on the Top of the Tongue.

Fake Jordan Jumpman Tag

When looking at the length of the shoe, there are some areas of concern.

One of the poorly executed elements on the Jordan lining is the Jumpman tag on the tongue. Pay attention to any camouflaging around the outside part of the card, and make sure the weight, size, and length of the jumpman are consistent around the tag.

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Original Jordan 4 Sneakers



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Alright, we are sure that by carefully analyzing these 5 points, you will have an idea of whether your Jordan Retro 4 sneakers are authentic or not, as they often reveal themselves mainly in these areas. Remember that Sportland writes for you, so don't hesitate to check out our latest offers and subscribe, and remember that you can make your purchase safely HERE.

Check If Your Jordan Retro 4 Sneakers Are Authentic:

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