What is EVERTRACK? Discover the technology that Puma puts at your feet 👣

the german company Cougar constantly innovates in technology for its footwear, and this time it has done so with its patent EVERTRACK ... so if you got here you will surely wonder...


What is Evertrack?

In a nutshell Evertrack is a technology patented by Puma that consists of a rubber that is generally used in the sole of sports shoes to offer greater resistance in the areas of greatest wear, greater durability and better traction.

Evertrack technology is integrated into many Puma tennis shoes and what is characteristic of these is that they seek to ensure that your body does not suffer any consequences when you use them to exercise. The structure of the sneakers that are made up of this technology is quite classic.

Materials used when implementing the Puma Evertrack technology

One of the most striking elements of the technology used in the Puma Evertrack is that it makes their sole very resistant.

In addition to the fact that this has been structured so that the movement that is carried out with the tennis shoes is smooth and does not harm the heel of the people. Added to this, all tennis shoes that have Evertrack technology have an insole that is lined with a thermal fabric, ideal for the foot, since it will prevent the ground temperature from concentrating on it.

Puma models that have this particular technology have a classic and practical lace adjustment and place some details on the front of the body for a better fit. It is important to clarify that these are also made up of textile layers, with the function that each one of the layers softens the interior of the tennis shoes, to achieve greater comfort in each movement.


Benefits of using Puma Evertrack

The popularity of the technology Evertrack Cougar lies in the benefits that it offers, especially when using tennis shoes for sports such as running. Since thanks to these, you will feel comfortable when doing any type of activity, and even if you are standing up doing nothing. The sole material will not cause pain in the spine and it will not bother you in the heel either.

On the other hand, most of the tennis shoes that implement Evertrack technology are very light, so you will feel very free when wearing them. Its material is of high quality, that is, these will be durable and resistant to any activity and scenario. They were manufactured so that you feel free when performing or experiencing sports of any style.

How do I know if my shoes have Evertrack technology?

Recognizing the qualities that your sports shoes have is usually as easy as looking at the printed details both on the product box and on the product itself, since Evertrack rubber usually has its patent name marked on the sole of its footwear.

It's time to buy sneakers with Puma Evertrack technology

The classic and sober design of the models that have this feature will make anyone fall in love with them. Evertrack technology is considered ideal for professional athletes. However, these shoes are affordable and easy to find, so you don't have to worry about getting them at a good price or with the design you want.

Athletes and even sports fashion professionals suggest that sneakers with Evertrack technology cannot be missing from your outfits. That is why we recommend you purchase the evertrack cougar, with which you will look and feel very good.

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