How to choose my ideal sports shoes?

Today we can find a variety of tennis shoes from different brands with different characteristics and well... many times we must admit that we go for the ones that we find most beautiful, right? However, when we talk about sports shoes, there are more features than just the design that we should consider before making the purchase, which makes us wonder how to choose the ideal sports shoes for my feet?... here are some tips that you should take into account account when making the purchase, and the first thing we should ask ourselves is:


1. What are we going to use our sneakers for?

try not to wear the same sneakers for all your activities; Running shoes are generally more flexible, they also tend to have a sole with high impact cushioning, while others can focus on being stronger and tougher.


2. Know your footprint :

One of the easiest ways to get to know our foot better is to do the "wet foot" test, step on a piece of paper with your wet foot and draw the silhouette that is marked on it;

If in the silhouette that is drawn by your footprint, little or no curve is seen on the sole of your foot, it means that you may have low arches or flat feet and tend to overpronate , which It can create an inward inclination that can cause wear on the outside of the heel and on the inside of the forefoot. If this is the case, try to choose shoes with good movement control and maximum support.

If your footprint shows the part of the forefoot and the heel with a small proximity between them, or if you notice that your shoes generally wear mainly on the outer edge, it may be that you have high arches and tend to supinate , that is, your feet roll out.

Supination causes wear on the outer edge of the heel and the little finger, if this is the case, try to choose your padded shoes with a soft midsole.


3. Do not marry a specific tennis size:

Although it may seem surprising, the foot of adults also changes size, so over a period of time the size we used to buy may stop fitting us in the same way, also the last of each brand tends to vary, for example, in our experience Puma and Adidas are usually wider than the last of Nike.

4. Buy shoes that have about a toe-length of room left over:

We must take into account that our feet when doing some physical activity tend to expand or can "swell" for which we must buy sneakers that have that extra space so that the foot remains comfortable when this happens.


5. Buy quality sneakers without paying more:

In Mexico we know that there are different tennis offers with different prices, however the quality of buying $300 pesos tennis shoes is well known and let me tell you, it is likely that this is not the best option for your feet, however there are other options that While they aren't the cheapest, they won't cost you an arm and a leg either, as paying more for super trendy styles or those associated with a celebrity won't be any better for your feet.


how to choose your sports shoes


We are sure that these tips for choosing your sports shoes will be of great help the next time you buy your shoes, so put it to the test!

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