Intermittent FASTING Experience
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Intermittent FASTING Experience

Are you thinking about starting intermittent fasting? There is a lot of miraculous information on the internet, so I decided to try it, and here's how it went:

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Intermittent Fasting Testimonial:

My name is Noe Cortes, and it was the beginning of the year, and like many, I wanted to lose a few pounds of fat. So after researching as much as I could, I decided to do it for at least three months:

First day of intermittent fasting:

In general, I was a person who would eat breakfast first thing in the morning. So, on the first day of fasting, at seven in the morning, I was already hungry, and I had to wait seven hours to eat. I felt the effects from day one... but before I continue.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting basically consists of having long periods where no food is consumed. This causes the energy that we usually use for the digestive process to be used for repairing tissues, correcting the functioning of our cells, and other benefits.

I was fascinated by the list of benefits that intermittent fasting has on people's lives. As Dr. La Rosa says, after just 12 hours of fasting, your body begins to use fat as the primary source of energy, which helps with weight loss.

This was my main motivation at the beginning of the year, but this was before I learned about the concept of autophagy.


Autophagy is something that starts to happen in your body after 16 hours of fasting. I know it's a lot of hours, but at this stage, your body begins to destroy old proteins and starts to take your amino acids to build new proteins, which is key to cellular renewal. In fact, according to different scientific studies, autophagy is linked to a longer life expectancy. In experiments done on rats, this habit can extend their life expectancy by up to 30%.


I was impressed by all this information, and of course, I was going to give myself the opportunity to do this fasting right. So, I quickly went to the nearest supplement store to my house and made sure I had enough boron, zinc, magnesium, amino acids, and also bought creatine, ensuring that I had enough consumption of vitamins and minerals in my body for the day. It seemed like I had everything ready, so what could go wrong?

The first day of starting intermittent fasting, I had a lot of work. I had no energy, and I felt like I had chosen a bad day to start fasting.

As I mentioned before, I used to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. So, on the first day that I skipped breakfast, I wasn't in the best mood, but I had a great physical job to do that left me fatigued. It was a super tiring day, and by 6 pm, I was already lying in bed resting, feeling a lack of energy, exhaustion, dizziness, and very hungry.

Day 3 of intermittent fasting:

On the third day, sleep problems started. I thought I had already managed to control my hunger, but I had trouble sleeping, which I learned later was quite likely to happen as a side effect. I remembered that Dr. La Rosa had explained how intermittent fasting modifies sleep patterns, where he basically explained what was happening to me.

After a certain amount of fasting time, there is a greater release of orexin in the body, which produces more wakefulness and attention. After a phase of getting used to it, sleep improves.

Day 10 of intermittent fasting:

I think for this day I discovered what my worst side effect was:

Diarrhea: it was very difficult because to move from point to point I always had to make sure I had a nearby bathroom. And yes, I attribute it directly to intermittent fasting, since I really have good digestion and very rarely have this type of problem. Also, I had already read about this side effect in some scientific articles.

The truth is that I was a little scared, but after researching further and according to Dr. Carol Alvarez, it is common, since during fasting, the colon contracts more and eliminates any waste that may become obstructed with constant food consumption. That is, as your intestine gets rid of all the trash, it is possible to experience that liquid, diarrhea during fasting can also occur due to excessive secretion of water and salts in the digestive system. Drinking liquids with high concentrations of caffeine can trigger this chain reaction.

20 days of intermittent fasting: For this day, I can say that almost all negative side effects had gone away. I had gotten used to it and my cravings for food outside the window of food consumption were very low. I no longer had diarrhea or headaches, on the contrary, I felt that my mood had changed a lot, in general, I felt much better, so I decided to do prolonged fasting.

36-hour fast: It seemed like a big challenge, but by that point, I felt very capable of doing it, and so it happened, every day I felt very good, I went to the gym and felt quite energetic, and yes, I already felt thinner.

1 month of intermittent fasting:

By this date, the truth is that my life has completely changed because I had always had sleep problems, both for sleeping and waking up, and now I fall asleep much faster and wake up much more easily and with much more energy. This is already very important for me, and it is already worth all the effort, however, I had many more benefits.

I lost approximately 3 to 4 kilos, however, I feel my body much more aesthetic, my muscles feel much cleaner and the same. Here I am going to leave the images so that you can see the change of one month with intermittent fasting.

Day 0: Intermittent fasting testimony

fasting experience

Day 30:

fasting experience

However, after all this journey, I have something important to say: the truth is that I believe that intermittent fasting is not for everyone, in fact, I believe that it is for few people, since it is quite easy for a person trying to do intermittent fasting not to consume their nutritional requirements on their days. That is why I would not be able to recommend it to anyone, in fact, it is not recommended for pregnant women, children, and people with some diseases.

As I mentioned, my body is still adapting to the process, so I am going to do intermittent fasting for another month and hopefully adopt it as a lifestyle. If you want to see my experience in the third month, you just have to click on "continue reading."


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