Adidas Ligra 7 Review, Features and Opinions

Adidas Ligra 7 Review

Adidas Ligra Review


Key Points:

  • Have a breathable mesh upper with overlays for support and a synthetic leather toe cap for abrasion resistance. 
  • The outsole is made of multidirectional rubber for grip in all directions.
  • This product is made with Primegreen, a blend of high-performance recycled materials
  • Mesh upper with supportive overlays

The Adidas Ligra 7 is a high-quality indoor court shoe designed for athletes across several sports, including volleyball and badminton. With a sleek and modern design, it combines style with performance, making it an attractive choice for both beginners and seasoned players.

Comfort and Fit

Users applaud the shoe's superior comfort, noting that the well-cushioned midsole provides excellent cushioning during long hours of gameplay. The Ligra 7's snug fit is also praised, offering a secure and supportive feel for a range of foot shapes and sizes. 

Performance and Durability

Athletes appreciate the Ligra 7's outstanding performance on the court. The shoe's durability, particularly the strong upper and outsole, allows for intense usage without compromising on quality. This feature ensures that users can rely on their Adidas Ligra 7s during important matches or regular training.

adidas ligra 7 review

Style and Design

The Adidas Ligra 7's sleek and modern design receives widespread praise. Users appreciate the shoe's aesthetics and how it elevates their overall appearance on the court. With a range of color options available, athletes can choose a style that suits their preferences.

Value for Money

Many athletes consider the Adidas Ligra 7 to offer excellent value for money. The shoe's durability, performance, and overall quality are frequently cited as reasons why it is worth the investment. Furthermore, compared to other high-end indoor court shoes, the Ligra 7 provides a more affordable option without compromising on key features. 


✔️ Pros


Durable Adiwear outsole

Lack of Ankle Support

EVA midsole Limited Color Options
Good Traction Ankle Support
Lateral Support
Lace-up closure



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1543 ratings

Comparison chart

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Nike React Hyperset

 Nike Lebron 20 Nike KD 15
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Rubber Sole
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User Reviews

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I read the reviews that the shoes might be too big and have a wider toe box (which I prefer). I still ordered my size, even though I was a bit nervous about how they would fit.

But they are just perfect. I really love the room I have for my toes. They are not heavy and have a really nice cushion (heel and all around the foot). I also love the traction and stability I have wearing those shoes.

All in all these are great shoes, not just for sports. I am very happy with this purchase. Finally I am able to wear my true size instead of ordering always half a size up.
I’m fussy about tennis sneakers.. these are my 2nd favorites! Lightweight, sturdy, comfy.. I have flat feet so I do need to put insole arches before I start playing.. I’m 3x week tennis player on 65+ tennis team. (FYI my fave are Mizuna Tennis Shoes pink!
They seem a bit wide, but will work out fine with thick socks.


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