Best Nike Volleyball Shoes For 2023 And Why


You know exactly what you're looking for in your Nike volleyball shoes: they should be lightweight, offer good cushioning, provide support, and fit comfortably. Or perhaps you're in search of Nike volleyball shoes with a special carbon plate. However, the most crucial factor is how these shoes perform on the court.

best nike volleyball shoes

To assist you in finding the best Nike volleyball shoes for you and understanding how changes in your favorite models can impact your game, we evaluate numerous shoes for both men and women every year.

Keep reading to discover our reviews of the top Nike volleyball shoes, including those with cushioning, competition models, stability options, and those designed for outdoor courts. Below, we'll explain our testing and selection process for these shoes, along with offering valuable tips and recommendations from our sports gear experts.

 Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

1. Nike Lebron 20  


The Nike LeBron 20 represents a significant shift in LeBron's sneaker line. These sneakers have gained tremendous popularity, and they perform exceptionally well on the volleyball court.

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Comfort: The LeBron 20 provides unmatched comfort with plush ankle support and excellent ventilation.
  2. Exceptional Lockdown: The laces ensure a secure fit, even with insoles, providing confidence.
  3. Superior Lateral Containment: Perfect for quick movements in volleyball.
  4. Game-Changing Cushioning: The Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot and substantial Zoom unit in the heel offer great impact protection and responsiveness.

Fit and Style: Snug fit, ideal for narrow to medium-sized feet. Stylish and modern design.

Performance and Traction: The LeBron 20 excels in volleyball with outstanding traction and comfortable cushioning.

Expert Opinions: Experts praise its exceptional features, making it one of the best basketball shoes on the market, especially for grip.

In summary, the Nike LeBron 20 is an excellent choice for volleyball due to its comfort, lockdown, lateral support, and game-changing cushioning. It's a versatile shoe both on and off the court.

2. Nike React Hyperset


The Nike React Hyperset features a lateral strap and Flywire cables that work together to provide a secure and stable fit. This innovative design ensures your foot stays firmly in place, even during rapid movements on the volleyball court. The lateral strap adds extra support, crucial for agile volleyball players.

Cushioning with React Foam One standout feature of the Nike React Hyperset is its cushioning system powered by Nike's React foam. This foam is designed to be resilient, lightweight, and springy, delivering energy return that helps you maintain your speed and agility during the game. However, it's worth noting that cushioning preferences vary, and individuals with ankle or knee concerns should consider their specific needs.

Traction and Support The Nike React Hyperset excels in providing outstanding traction, especially on indoor courts. Whether you're making quick attacks or stops, this shoe keeps your feet securely planted. Even on dusty surfaces, it maintains its grip, although occasional dust removal may be necessary for optimal performance.


3. Nike Zoom HyperAce

The Nike Zoom HyperAce features a sleek and minimalist design inspired by the Kobe 8 basketball shoes. While it may lack flashy colors, it prioritizes functionality. For fit, going true to size is recommended. Initially, there might be some tightness, but after a week of play, the midsole molds comfortably to your feet. The shoe's stretchy fabric promotes a quick break-in process, enhancing agility on the court.

Cushioning The cushioning in the Nike Zoom HyperAce is decent but not its strongest suit. Those with knee or ankle concerns may want shoes with superior shock absorption. While it features Zoom midsole technology, some players may prefer plusher cushioning.

Traction Traction is vital, and the Nike Zoom HyperAce excels in this regard, providing reliable grip for quick reactions, sprints, and lateral moves.

Support Lateral support is a strong point, offering stability during quick directional changes. However, note that these are low-top shoes and do not provide substantial ankle support. Players with frequent ankle issues should consider models with better ankle protection.

Pros and Cons | Nike React Hyperset: ✔️ Pros ❌ Cons Excellent Traction Narrow Fit Improved Cushioning Limited Color Options Good Wear Resistance Limited Ankle Support Lateral Support Minimalistic Design

In summary, the Nike Zoom HyperAce delivers a sleek design, excellent traction, and lateral support, making it a reliable choice for volleyball players. However, its cushioning may not suit everyone, and it lacks substantial ankle support. Choosing the right size is crucial for a comfortable fit.


  4. Nike KD 15


The Nike KD 15 is a standout in the KD line, offering an energy-packed experience while safeguarding feet from harsh landings. It maintains consistent grip on various surfaces, even in dusty conditions, and secures the foot with a unique curved heel structure. The design process of this Nike shoe reflects careful thought and engineering.


  • Consistent grip on diverse surfaces.
  • Dust-resistant outsole.
  • Plush and protective cushioning.
  • Responsive midsole.
  • Secure heel counter.
  • Well-ventilated upper.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for outdoor play.


  • Not ideal for wide feet.
  • Limited flexibility.

Who Should Get the Nike KD 15 Considering its strengths, the Nike KD 15 is suitable for:

  • Basketball players with narrow to normal-sized feet.
  • Hoopers seeking ample, soft cushioning.

Who Should NOT Buy This Nike Basketball Shoe Those with wide feet should avoid the KD 15 and other KD line shoes designed for narrower feet. The Nike Cosmic Unity is a suitable alternative, along with models from LeBron James's Nike lines.

Excellent Traction, Anytime, Anywhere Expert reviewers praise the KD 15's grip, which excels on various surfaces and is minimally affected by dust buildup. The shoe delivers reliable traction both indoors and outdoors.

A Decent Option for Outdoor Play While outdoor use isn't recommended due to limited rubber in the outsole, the KD 15's durability and rubber stiffness make it suitable for occasional outdoor games.

Breathable and Contoured Upper The KD 15's upper provides comfort and breathability. It conforms well to the foot's shape, ensuring a pleasant experience for those with narrower feet.

Underfoot Comfort as a Priority Compared to its predecessor, the KD 15 offers more cushioning, providing impact protection and comfort. The heel and forefoot stacks of the KD 15 are within the average range for basketball shoes.

Impressive Bounce Reviewers note the efficient midsole design of the KD 15, which delivers a bouncy feel. The cushioning softness contributes to this responsive experience.

Limited Flexibility The KD 15 is considered one of Nike's stiffer basketball shoes, offering less flexibility than average.

Reliable Support with Innovative Heel Counter Initial support may not be the best, but the KD 15's cushioning softens over time, providing foot support during aggressive movements. The unique heel counter design locks the foot in place, compensating for the shoe's lower collar height.

Comfortable for Those with Narrower Feet The minimal upper design offers comfort primarily to those with narrower feet. It tends to be less comfortable for individuals with wider feet.

Lightweight Sensation Despite its weight, the KD 15 provides a streamlined and agile feel, making it an excellent choice for players seeking quick and nimble performance.

5. Nike Kyrie Infinity


The Nike Kyrie Infinity stands as one of the most cushioned Kyrie shoes to date, incorporating elements from previous models. The shoe features a sleek Black/Multi-Color-White colorway and was released in 2021 at a reduced price of $70, down from $140.

Score Breakdown

  • Traction: 9.3/10
  • Cushion: 9.1/10
  • Materials: 9.3/10
  • Fit: 8.7/10
  • Support: 8.5/10

Traction: The Kyrie Infinity showcases a traction pattern similar to the Kyrie 6 and Kyrie 7, etched into the rubber for exceptional grip. The traction performs excellently, bolstered by the shoe's lockdown and support features.

Cushion: The Kyrie Infinity offers a remarkable level of cushioning, setting it apart from previous Kyrie models. Its cushioning includes a phylon midsole, a U-shaped zoom unit in the heel, and a large zoom strobel in the forefoot, delivering both impact protection and responsiveness. Despite Kyrie Irving's preference for low-profile shoes, the Kyrie 8 provides a comfortable yet responsive cushioning setup.

Materials:The materials on the Kyrie 8 are a highlight, blending lightweight synthetics with premium suede and leather accents on the heel. These materials offer a balance between modern performance and a classic aesthetic, resulting in a premium look and feel.

Fit: While the fit may be snug for some, going up half a size or trying them on in-store is recommended. A snug fit can enhance support and lockdown, contributing to a secure on-court experience.

Support: Support in the Kyrie 8 is excellent, featuring Nike's Dynamic Strap System with interior straps that surround the heel and forefoot. These straps provide secure lockdown and stability, ensuring a confident and supported feel during play.

Overall: The Nike Kyrie Infinity impresses with its cushioning, traction, materials, and support, making it one of the standout basketball shoes of 2022. Personal preferences may vary, but the Kyrie 8 offers a compelling package for basketball enthusiasts, combining modern performance with a touch of '90s design flair.

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