The Best Basketball Shoes TOP 5 - 2023
The Best Basketball Shoes TOP 5 - 2023 - SPORTLAND MX

The Best Basketball Shoes TOP 5 - 2023

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes - 2023

What are the best basketball shoes to play in? We know that basketball shoes have become an urban fashion trend, as it's been popular to wear these shoes casually or for other activities like going to the gym. Who hasn't seen an amazing outfit paired with basketball shoes? Well, the reality is that this sport requires more than just good looks. That's why we've compiled a list of the best basketball shoes for playing in 2022:


Basketball shoes need to meet certain criteria to perform on the complex basketball court. Unlike other sports like running, basketball involves a combination of activities such as running, jumping, quick stops, and sudden changes of direction. While casual shoes might handle some of these movements, only proper basketball shoes can handle them all. Some shoes are good at nearly everything, while others excel in specific features like grip or cushioning.


Features of a basketball shoe:

In selecting the best basketball shoes, we considered specific criteria that aid a player on the court, from sufficient support to prevent injuries to responsiveness to enhance performance. We also looked at good grip, adequate cushioning, excellent support, reasonable durability, and sufficient traction.

So, at SPORTLAND, we've taken on the task of reviewing different models from various brands to create a list of the top 5 best basketball shoes in 2022 to help you make an informed purchase:


1. Nike KD 14

These basketball shoes excel in all the mentioned characteristics. They provide excellent grip, cushioning, support, and comfort.


The Nike KD shoes offer good traction, even on outdoor courts. The sole has reliable grip, and the midsole is one of Nike's softest, enhancing reactivity for each jump.

Another noteworthy feature is the stability and foot protection they offer.


2. UA Embiid 1

A resilient and versatile shoe that any player can wear in any situation. This would also be a great choice if you primarily play basketball outdoors. They have a moderate price of $120. They include ample cushioning and traction, allowing you to enjoy them for longer than typical modern basketball shoes.

3. Adidas Dame 7

Adidas shines with these basketball shoes—they have an exceptionally durable rubber sole!

They offer good heel protection, making them an excellent option for lighter players. The lateral stability offered by the Dame shoes is a feature that many users praise.


All in all, if you're a beginner or don't want to splurge on premium options, Adidas Dame 7 is an excellent choice!

4. Nike Air Zoom BB NXT

The Nike Air Zoom BB features a lightweight and low-profile setup that compares favorably to the classic Nike Kobe 8.


The React, full-length Air Zoom Strobel, and Zoom unit in the heel work well together, providing solid cushioning despite how low these shoes are to the ground. It's a dream shoe for quick guards, but bigger players might want to look elsewhere.

5. Nike Precision 5

Nike Precision basketball shoes are lighter than average; the Precision 5 is one of the lightest basketball shoes you can find on the market. It's amazing how the brand managed to pack a lot of excellent features into that weight!

The shoes have excellent grip, good support, and game-worthy cushioning, and the best part is that you can get them on a relatively low budget.

Remember that wearing good basketball shoes will help you avoid injuries, optimize your performance, and most importantly, take care of your feet.