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In a few words, REEBOK FUEL FOAM is a material used in the midsole of some sneakers manufactured by the brand. To create this material, the company has used both its high technology and several years of study in the laboratory of its innovation and development department, which resulted in a great feat among international sports shoe brands since the relevance of both the Reebok brand as the patented FUEL FOAM technology is also supported by the entire Adidas company.



Benefits of Reebok FUEL FOAM:

The main benefits of using FUEL FOAM are 2:

1. Excellent cushioning with every stride.

2. Reaction capacity of the midsole, this means that a part of the kinetic energy that is used in each movement is absorbed and is discharged at the precise moment to help you optimize your stride when running.

In addition, FUEL FOAM is generally accompanied by an upper or mesh upper part that usually provides good breathability and fit. So if you are wondering whether to use FUEL FOAM for running, the answer is yes.

Reebok FUEL FOAM price:

Talking about the price of FUEL FOAM is somewhat variable since, as we mentioned before, FUEL FOAM is not a specific SNEAKER model, but there are a variety of models with this technology that have different prices, that is, Reebok sneakers with FUEL FOAM technology They are priced much lower than other technologies like the Adidas boost, and are often affordable to buy.

How to recognize Reebok sneakers with FUEL FOAM technology?

It is usually quite easy to recognize when a sneaker has this technology, since Reebok usually stamps the legend: FUEL FOAM on the midsole of the shoes, so you will have no problem identifying them.

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