sneakers that look like dress shoes TOP 5 2022

Why look for sneakers that look like dress shoes? well, just remember the last time you came home from work, a wedding or a formal meeting, sat on your sofa and took off your shoes...there are few feelings like that right?

sneakers that looks like a shoes

Fortunately, wearing sneakers for almost any occasion is becoming more fashionable, however there will always be events in which you must dress formally, but are such hard shoes necessary? The answer is no, since there are very comfortable and sneakers on the market, that is why our team made it very important to create a list of the best sneakers that look like dress shoes for this 2022

best sneakers that look like shoes:


sneakers dress shoes

The Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II sneakers are without a doubt one of our favorite sneakers, they meet all the characteristics, from their design, their comfort and the possibility of finding them in a totally black color that simulates the silhouette of a shoe.

They have a classic and elegant look, which you can use for hours without wanting to throw them out the window when you get home. It has a minimalist and simple part that is offered in various colors and is easy to combine with lots of dressy and casual outfits.

The weight of these sneakers is not comparable to shoes, they are really light and durable, in sportland we did several tests before recommending it, the team was delighted with how little it deformed over time.


sneakers confortable as shoes

why did we put "hey dude wally sneakers" on the list of sneakers that look like dress shoes? ok, we understand that nobody will think that they are "strictly" a dress shoes, however we are sure that it is the perfect combination between style and comfort, it is almost like going out in the street in crocs but with much more style, you can combine it in different ways and the you will love to wear them at work.

The most notable feature is the unique stitching on the upper, which gives the shoe a bit of personality. The construction is also top notch, and the materials are very soft and comfortable.

The sneakers are of high quality with Flex and Fold technology and viscoelastic insoles. Like most Hey Dude Wally shoes it has a relaxed roomy fit and has an extremely comfortable sole that makes you feel like you're walking on clouds.


sneakers as dress shoes


Let's be honest when you think of the most stylish brands in the world, sckechers does not come to you as your first option since the firm is distinguished by betting much more on comfort than on offering a modern style and perhaps you think that it is a brand designed for your parents and uncles, but the brand is getting closer to young people and if you are looking for sneakers that you can use at work and that do not hurt your feet, these are sure to be a good option.

and is that these shoes have technology that you feel when you just put them on, the mesh on the outside of the shoe is "designed to expand naturally with your foot as you walk" the GOwalk 4 has never chafed or chafed, so this mesh feels exactly as it should. The mesh not only provides a snug fit, but is also breathable to keep your feet cool even in hot weather


sneakers or shoes?

In these sneakers, which you can undoubtedly use on any formal occasion instead of shoes, we have to mention their neat, youthful and elegant design, apart from the fact that they are completely hand painted and are entirely made of leather mounted on a rubber sole.  not to mention that they are one of the most affordable sneakers on the list.


formal sneakers

Without a doubt, the history of this brand is inspiring, since apparently only with the good taste of its creator was he able to create this company that made these beautiful sneakers, which with their texture make them unique, the monochromatic color and the absence of other details give it the elegance of being able to be in the best outfits, whether formal or casual, plus its comfort is quite good, so without hesitation it earns a place on this list.

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