Best Women's Shoes For Crossfit And Why [2023]

Women's CrossFit Shoes 

best crossfit shoes for women

If you are here, you probably practice or are about to start CrossFit and have realized the importance of footwear for this sport. Perhaps you have come across very generic sites or ones dedicated only to men. However, it is important to mention that men's and women's shoes are not the same. So, in this article, we will answer a specific question: What are the best women's CrossFit shoes and why?

This question is essential due to the nature of this physical activity, where regular gym shoes are not sufficient. CrossFit training includes squats, lifts, throws, climbs, etc., and you will need a special type of cross-training footwear for women.

Among the indispensable features we must consider before buying CrossFit shoes are:

Grip and Traction: This is important for quick sprints and rapid changes of direction. It's crucial to avoid slips and falls.

Lightweight: For these activities, we need lightweight shoes to enable agile and fast movements. In this case, the lighter, the better, of course, without sacrificing the other points.

Flexibility: This is very important given the variety of movements that require your feet to bend, twist, and grip.

Cushioning: To absorb shock during high-impact movements like jumps.

Structure: Providing good ankle support with a reinforced heel and spacious toe box.

best crossfit sneakers for women
So, which women's shoes meet all these criteria? Here are the options we consider the best.

1. Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Women: Nike Metcon

As many expected, Nike had to be on the list, and the Nike Metcon offers excellent stability and traction, making it ideal footwear for any multidirectional movement in CrossFit.

Its midsole rubber wraps the entire arch to provide intense grip during rope climbs, and the rubber outsole offers excellent traction, giving you a secure feeling during workouts. The flat and wide heel provides stability, as it has an internal plate that distributes the weight from edge to edge. It also features a wide toe box and is very flexible for cardio intervals.

2. Best Reebok CrossFit Shoes for Women: NANOX3


Let's move on to Reebok, which surprised many female CrossFitters with the Reebok Nano X3. Designed for demanding outdoor exercises, the Grit comes with a highly durable woven upper and deep grooves for good traction.

It has the highest heel-to-toe drop in the test and a substantial Floatride Energy EVA foam midsole underfoot. A TPU frame wraps around the heel for added security.

3. Best New Balance CrossFit Shoes for Women: Minimus TR

Moving on to New Balance, with their Minimus TR model, they have managed to find an ideal structure for women's CrossFit. These shoes, like the previous ones, have a rubber outsole, full rubber-covered midsole, and a mesh upper designed for a lightweight feel and excellent airflow.

They also feature a rubber sole that provides excellent traction and a stable base. Many users comment on their excellent durability, and the premium lining construction allows for use even without socks.

4. Best Women's CrossFit Shoes: INOV 8

Finally, if you want to try a brand that might not be as well-known as the others but has stood out in the world of CrossFit, there are the Inov-8 F-LITE 260 V2 Knitted. These shoes feature protection with Rope-tec and a toe bumper to safeguard your feet during climbs and rope activities. They also have a midsole support that offers lifting support and comfort. They are quite lightweight, weighing only around 260 grams depending on the size, and are very comfortable and breathable.

Athletes, which model do you like the most? Remember that these recommendations are based on meticulous reviews of CrossFit testimonials, reviews, and the experience of our sports shoe experts. However, it's always advisable to know what type of footwear suits you best. Starting with these options is a great idea.

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