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Generally, people who are not very fans of the brand do not even notice that the sneakers they have bought do not have the famous 3-stripes logo on their adidas shoes and instead have the classic trefoil stamped that undoubtedly also identifies the brand. brand, but are they different types of adidas shoes? The answer is simple, they simply belong to different collections, here we explain everything in detail.

Are There Different Types Of Adidas Shoes?

Adidas originals

Originally the brand used its famous clover logo on all the products it launched, until the German company decided in 1997 that the clover logo would be exclusive to its more "classic" models such as its acclaimed Adidas Superstar, Stan Smith and its tennis shoes. Forum among others.

So from that date on, this logo has been reserved for its "Adidas originals" collection and was replaced in the other releases by the Adidas Performance logo, the iconic image of its 3 mountain-shaped stripes.

With this Adidas Originals has managed to preserve its sports fashion styles with references to the decades between the 40's and 80's while maintaining a distinctively retro old school feel.



diferent logos of adidas sneakers



adidas performance:

The fundamental principle of adidas Performance is to equip all athletes and help them achieve their goals.

Adidas Performance manufactures its products with athletes in all sports in mind, focusing primarily on four key categories globally: Soccer, Running, Training, and Basketball.

In this way adidas performance has focused on the sports world and has made many successful contributions to some of the most admired sports of all time, such as basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, racing, training and even more like yoga.

So if you take a look at your new tennis shoes, don't be alarmed if you don't see the famous clover, since adidas has stamped its logo of the three lines in the shape of a mountain to distinguish this line of products.

Adidas neo:

Adidas Neo is the company's "new" bet towards sport style, an "athleisure" style inspired by the brand's sports tradition. The target audience for this new line of the brand are teenagers between 14 and 19 years old, who are creating and following the latest trends. For this reason, it is expected that new collaborations with influencers and celebrities will do so under this collection, which can be distinguished by the logo print of the torn dial with three lines.
So now that you know the different divisions of the company you will be able to identify which one your tennis belongs to and you will be able to find the shoes that best suit your needs more easily, remember the adidas logos may vary but the quality comes from the same company. 

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