what are the worst sneakers in the world? Read this 🔴 before buy again

Without a doubt, international brands invest millions of pesos in innovation and design for their sneakers, but have you ever wondered what are the worst sneakers in the world? Well… although this is subjective, we have created a top 3 of the biggest failures in the launch of sneakers from the most important brands.

worst sneakers ever

It should be clarified that to take this list into account, we took as a basis the cushioning and comfort of sneakers that the brands promised, so we took on the task of investigating different testimonies from experts on the subject and quite a few user reviews to select this list:

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TOP 3: Worst tennis in the world "international releases"


worst sneakers ever adidas

Adidas made its great launch of the springblade where we recognize innovation and great design, however what the brand promised with this technology was excellent cushioning and comfort.

Unfortunately, this 16-blade technology that tries to act as a damping spring for your running trips was not at all to the liking of its target audience, not only because of its blades, which apparently did not achieve their objective, but also because of its weight since these shoes are several grams heavier than most running shoes today, weighing in at 360 grams for a men's size 27 and even runner worlds.com mentions them as "clumsy after to run a few kilometers".
Thus, given the testimony and reviews of so many runners and the failed aspiration of Adidas, they quickly took the springblade to the outlet.

2. Nike Shox

worst sneakers ever nike

The second place goes the Nike Shox, these sneakers in particular are difficult for us to speak bad of them because in sportland were very sold in our stores, however we managed to realize that the majority of the people who were looking for the model really only did it because they liked the design and it became fashionable, however the banner of these shoes was based on their shock-absorbing springs to provide excellent cushioning and to be honest: Nike's shox technology they simply absorb shock poorly, they are not as efficient compared to other types of shoes that "promise" cushioning.

In addition, most runners, especially those who were willing to invest more in a running shoe, found that sneakers are not very friendly to the heels. With the Nike Shox you run practically on the balls of your feet. So the springs really made the shoes heavy while providing little support near the ball of the foot.

So it was that Nike, seeing the failure of this technology, tried to separate them from running and put them in basketball, however it was too late thanks to the reviews of thousands of consumers.

3. Tenis Ampla Fly

worst sneakers ever


In third place we have the Ampla Fly shoes and these sneaker that promised to revolutionize the world of running shoes had a very interesting concept, with a carbon plate, however for many runners they were totally disappointing since in the upper part of the tennis used very heavy and poor quality materials that could not compete with the big brands. a pity since many runners had a lot of faith in it when buying them, however such was the failure of this model that we can hardly find traces of it on the internet.

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