What Are Puma Soft Foam Insoles and what are the benefits?

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It is common that when we buy sports shoes we ask ourselves what they are and what is the benefit of the different technologies that the most prominent international sneakers brands show, as in this case is the PUMA brand with its technology in the Soft foam insoles, but then ..


The Soft Foam technology of Puma sports shoes is literally what it is a "soft foam", however its meaning goes further, since the technology of these insoles are designed with a hybrid memory foam made from a mixture of polyurethanes from high performance that was first manufactured by NASA to reduce and relieve pressure on the bodies and now Puma has brought it with the insole of its sports shoes to your feet.
soft foam puma insole


The benefits of soft foam insoles in your Puma tennis shoes mainly translate into optimal pressure relief on your feet when walking from day to day.

They also have a high degree of adaptability to the shape of the foot of each person, since it distributes the weight properly in each step.

PUMA's soft foam insoles are of good quality which makes them have a high durability compared to other types of insoles and they have minimal heat retention that will make your feet cooler.



So be very careful when you buy your new tennis shoes again since the template is an important part for your comfort.

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